* "Neural Waves Technology"

Our  specially designed 100% safe "Neural Waves Technology" provides neural stimulations, which in turn generates the desired "Neural Waves" to unleash your hidden potentials. 








The versatility of "Neural Wave Technology" makes it valuable for an almost limitless range of applications. When you know what you want to do; it effectively concentrates the inherent resources of your mind, brain, and body to accomplish your purpose.

Emotional Processes

         improve self esteem

         foster self-confidence

         moderate hyperactivity

         overcome shyness

         develop spontaneity

         achieve serenity

         surface blocked memories

         ease social interactions

         access feelings

         eliminate self-sabotage

         overcome irritability

         improve self-control


Sleeping and Using Sleep Time

         overcome sleep disorders

         reduce need for sleep medication

         dream recall

         facilitate lucid dreaming


Dissociative and Transcendent Experiences

         deepen meditation

         facilitate awareness

         access intuition

         move beyond the physical

         explore focused states of consciousness


Productivity and Mental Performance

         reduce exam tension

         cope with interruptions

         eliminate mental wandering

         learn foreign languages

         increase productivity

         counter A.D.D. and A.D.H.D.

         learn musical instruments

         master challenging subjects

         improve classroom atmosphere

         recover lost abilities

         integrate sensory input

         stimulate mental receptivity

         improve artistic ability

         enhance self-expression

         improve reading comprehension

         overcome mental slowdown

         handle pressure

         improve clarity


Pregnancy and Childbirth

         make up for missed sleep

         ease physical stress

         counter nausea

         facilitate recovery

         energize breathing

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